Well, I bet you’re all waiting with bated breath!  How did the year 2000 work out for that Fitzgerald mob after the disastrous 1999 that they suffered through.

 How can you follow a year like last year?  Well I'm glad to report that this year was nothing like last year (just look at the size of this letter in comparison!).  We had our ups and downs but so did you all.  So settle down in your comfy chair, sit back, relax and journey through the year that was.

 Christmas 2000 was our first proper Christmas in Deakin.  The year before we didn't have furniture and did it a bit tough.  We must admit that we only managed to get the Christmas tree up a few days before Christmas.  We have more than made up for that this year by buying a new beaut Christmas tree and having it up in middle of November.

 A few friends came over on new years Eve to help us see in the new millennium.  Surprise, the world did not end.  The telecast that followed the new years celebrations around the world was very special.  In this new electronic age, the world was smaller than it has ever been before.

 Kim had a few work trips to Sydney and Melbourne and one down the coast.  Kris had a few trips to Sydney and Melbourne and Brisbane.  Kris’s work is as busy as ever.  Kim managed to fool enough people to be promoted.  This is where his ambition officially peters out.

 Kim continued to pedal to work furiously, getting caught in the rain on many occasions (with the odd flat tyre thrown in) is.  In November, his work moved to Campbell Park offices and with the incredibly wet November that we have experienced, his only one attempt to ride to work met with the puncture a kilometre from home(stop press-his second attempt also ended with a flat).  Riding to Campbell Park does offer new challenges, in particular lots of hills, lots of busy roads and a good wack of extra km for good measure.

 Kim is sad to report of his close encounter with the “F” Word.  This year, Kim kissed goodbye the magic of the Thirties.  He took this incredibly well with only a small nervy turn the night before.  He still looks incredibly young for his age and his sense of humour is still incredibly immature.  He also uses the word "incredibly" an incredible amount of times.

 This year, the family did not have its normal Queensland escape.  Instead, a weeks skiing holiday was booked for September.  Because of the Olympics, daylight savings started early this year, which meant on the ski fields, the lifts stayed open for another hour each day.  They also had the best September snow in history.  Kim caught the really bad flu that was going around the day before they were due to go to the snow and missed the whole lot. 

 Alex and her grandmother had a long European escape earlier in the year.  Europe will never be the same.  Michael got his learners permit and for a birthday present, received lessons in a Subaru WRX.  Who is a lucky boy?  He has finished his formal schooling and awaits his results to see what he can do next year.  He also has his first girlfriend.  I don't think will see much of him during the coming year.

 The Olympic experience was one that could make all Australians proud except for the woeful performance of the media.  Kim and Michael participated by going to see some Olympic soccer that was taking place in Canberra.  Kim also did a fair bit of spotting the Olympic torch has it journeyed through Canberra.  Eyes were glued to the TV at every available moment with extra effort going towards staying up late each night to see Roy and HG add their special prospective to each day’s events.  Gymnastics will never be the same.

 Kris's mother had a small health scare that necessitated a couple of days in hospital. Kim's father also had a week in hospital but both have recovered well.

 There is a little emergency taking place at the moment that is related to all the rain that Canberra has had.  Each heavy downpour leads to bad flooding under the house.  We are working on the fix.  Kim has finally won his one-man war with bamboo, it is now completely gone (well, we won't count the little shoot we found last week).  The hedge is coming along but it will probably be another year or 2 before it offers  privacy and shelter to all the burglars that frequent this place.

 For those interested, the Falcon continues to wheeze on, it has been a fateful steed and I do feel so guilty about lusting after a little MX 5 sports car. Skye is as beautiful as ever.  She does appear to love Kim more than the other members of the family.